The Profitable Photographer Academy

The Profitable Photographer Course is your definitive guide to turning your passion for photography into a lucrative business, with a step-by-step framework to scale your earnings to $5,000+/month. This comprehensive course covers the common mistakes photographers run into, from the initial struggles of starting a business to the challenges of sustaining and growing it.

We promise to equip you with the skills needed to make a full-time income as a photographer, avoiding the hurdles that often hinder success. Let's grow your brand to the business you've always dreamed of it being.

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This Is For YOU, If:

✓You don't know how to start your photography business and you want to not only start your business, but scale it to a full time income without hitting burnout.

✓You struggle to gain clients and want to market to your audience organically, without paying hundreds of dollars on ads

✓You want to learn how to edit how you've always dreamed of, and you want to understand Lightroom & Photoshop to streamline your editing process.

✓You struggle with standing out in your community, and you want to build a solid clientelle base that is loyal to both you and your business.

Imagine If You Could:

✓ Make a FULL-TIME INCOME as a photographer, turning your passion into a lucrative business, mainly from the comfort of your home (and work from anywhere in the world).

Learn the secrets to SCALING your photography business to $5,000+/ month, unlocking the potential for financial freedom and flexibility.

✓Master the art of client acquisition and retention, ensuring a steady stream of high-paying clients eager to book your services.

✓Develop a PROFITABLE pricing strategy that maximizes your earnings while providing value to your clients.

✓Build a STRONG PERSONAL BRAND that sets you apart in a competitive market, establishing yourself as a go-to photographer in your niche.

My name is Emma and I am a photographer & educator and I can help you start and scale your business, even if you:

→ have never used a camera before but want to get started with your business

→ think there are too many photographers in your area

→ feel like you are not skilled enough to be charging competative rates

→ don't feel like you have a large enough clientelle base yet

At just 18 years old, I went from making just $14,000 my first year as a photographer... to scaling to $100,000+ and quitting my full time job in my second year as a photographer. In my first year, I was struggling to:

→ Gain a solid clientelle base

→ Price myself at a rate that made me profitable

→ Edit consistantly so my clients knew what they were going to recieve

→ Market to my ideal client + reach my proper audience through social media


→ Booking my calendar full of sessions I am excited for.

→ Confidently price my sessions so I know almost exactly how much I am going to make every season (summer and fall).

→ Knowing the ins and outs of lightroom and photoshop, making my editing process efficient and effective.

→ Gain 8,000+ instagram followers in three months and found my exact target audience that I need to market to.

By The End Of This Program, You Will Know:

✔️ Exactly how to start your business from ground zero

✔️ How to find your editing style that fits your personal brand, and know the ins and outs of Lightroom & Photoshop

✔️ My exact marketing strategy that has kept my calendar booked full

✔️ Exactly how I run my sessions with tons of behind the scenes videos so you can watch and listen to my process from start to finish

✔️ How to scale your photography business to 6 figures a year!

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